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Brass (es) are alloys made of copper  (Cu) e zinc (Zn).  this alloy and other quaternary brasses in which different chemical elements are found.

Other elements can be added to the alloy to obtain specific properties:

  • manganese and tin increase its resistance to corrosion;

  • iron increases its breaking point;

  • aluminium increases its resistance to corrosion and to abrasion;

  • antimony and arsenic inhibit degalvanization.

  • nickel improves its mechanical characteristics and resistance to corrosion;

  • silicon helps to disoxidize  and helps the creation of phase β.

Brass is a ductile, malleable material and has good resistance to corrosion.  Compared to copper, it presents higher hardness values, resistance and fusibility.  Brass has a wide range of applications, so large that we can only give an approximate list.

The main fields of use are:

  • electricity (electrical apparatus, switches, contacts, sockets)

  • auto-transport (radiators, electrical systems)

  • nautical field (plates, exchangers)

  • ammunition (shell cases)

  • plumbing (faucets, valves, radiators, pipes)

  • chemical industry (exchangers)

  • mechanical industry (bolts, screws, gears, small metal parts)

  • construction and furnishings (zippers, locks, handles and furniture elements)

  • coinage and similar(coins, plates, medals, decorations)

musical instruments (brasses or ottoni)

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