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Copper is a chemical element with atomic number 29.  Its symbol is Cu.

Most probably, Copper is that metal that humankind has used for the longest time: Copper objects dating to 8700 B.C. have been found.  The Pelasgi people used to call it Pacur (or Bacur).  Its Italian name, however, derives from the Latin term aes, that means "copper" or "bronze", names which have been preserved in other Indo-European languages.

Only in later times (Plinius) it was substituted by the word cuprum, from which the chemical symbol of this element derives.  During Roman times, most copper used to be extracted in the Island of Cyprus, for this reason the term aes Cyprium, or "copper or bronze from Cyprus" was used.

Indeed, in Roman times no difference was made between pure copper and bronze, its most important alloy.

Copper and its alloys can be easily worked in form, and desired dimensions, by using any normal working process (pressing, cast, forging, plating, and high temperature molding).

It is distinguished by its high heat and electrical conductivity, good resistance to corrosion, malleability, ductility, as well as beauty, therefore its many applications.

Copper manufactured products can be cleaned, coated, to obtain a great variety of functional and decorative surfaces.

Because of its properties, copper can be found:

  • In plumbing system

  • in faucets

  • in nautical equipment

  • in electronics and electrotechnics

  • in architecture and metal work

  • in coining

  • in crafts

  • in decorations

  • in transport

  • in construction

  • and in many other fields

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